Standards and Insurance

Mediation standards
Mediation is a voluntary, flexible, informal and confidential process, enabling people who work together to resolve disagreements and disputes.It encourages participants to reach their own mutually acceptable agreement, facilitated by an impartial mediator.
Ethical practice, accountability and quality assurance are key issues in mediation and other conflict resolution processes.
Osborne Mediation works within:
 The College of Mediators Code of Practice (open a copy here)
 The European Code of Conduct for Mediators (open a copy here)

Confidentiality and Impartiality
Mediation will not work unless everyone involved is sure the process is both confidential and impartial.
You can read our policy on Confidentiality 
here and our policy on Impartiality here.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
The College of Mediators Code of Practice requires mediators to have professional indemnity insurance. 
Osborne Mediation has professional indemnity insurance cover of up to £1,500,000, provided through Oxygen Professional Liability Insurance, Policy number OXY8682404, underwritten by Hiscox Underwriting Ltd. 

Have your say
If you are happy with our service, you can tell us here.
And if you think things should have gone better we’d also like to hear from you
here. You can also see our complaints procedure here.
As Clive Osborne is a member of the
College of Mediators, you can invoke the College’s own complaints procedure if you feel Osborne Mediation has been unable to resolve the issue.

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