Whaddaya know?

Very often one of the first things people do when a conflict arises is to assume they can read other people’s thoughts.

Probably all of us have been guilty of thinking:

  • “He’s only doing that because…”
  • “Of course, she doesn’t realise…”
  • “They’re deliberately ignoring the facts…”
  • "I know exactly what he's up to..."

Sadly, we cannot read people’s minds – least of all when we are angry and believe we have right on our side.

The heart of mediation is supporting everyone involved to give their point of view and then – crucially – to listen to everyone else's.

It is not necessary to agree with everything that’s said, but you do need to accept that everyone has, like you, the right to an opinion.

One of the most common statements made during mediation is the surprised: “Oh, but I never knew that…”

It opens all sorts of doors!

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