How much does conflict cost you?

When I asked one business owner about workplace mediation he said his company wouldn’t need it – it had systems to prevent conflict causing problems.

Good news!

He went on to tell me how a disgruntled employee had cost his business several hundreds of thousands of pounds and had possibly damaged its reputation.

Companies often take for granted the debilitating effects of unresolved conflict.

See if you recognise any of these:

  • lower morale resulting in lower productivity
  • valuable resources spent on managing conflict
  • damaged working relationships
  • problems with health and wellbeing
  • high rates of sick leave
  • high rates of staff turnover, which means resources diverted to retraining, recruitment and building relationships
  • formal procedures which consume much time and money but might not produce lasting solutions.

Workplace mediation offers the chance for businesses, small and large, to address conflict quickly, cheaply and, above all, effectively.

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